Education Support Programme

 “There is no friend as loyal as a book.” ~ Ernest Hemingway

In spite of the largest education system in the world, India still faces problems of low levels of literacy achievement and poor quality of education with 37% of the population lacking literacy skills and 53% of children dropping out at the elementary level.

There are many challenges of education like as children do not have school fees, there is a need to work at young age, text books and school supplies are scarce, and the government may be forced to attend to other priorities.

Textbook Support service is committed to helping rural students of Schedule Tribe, Schedule Caste and economically weaker to become effective users of ideas and information by providing them the text books which enlighten their vision.

Bolpur Manab Jamin is committed to fundamentally improve the education level of these economically weaker students who are meritorious and have strong desire of learning.

WE provides textbooks to 250 (Schedule Tribe, Schedule Caste and economically weaker) students each year who are living in the project area to promote the continuation of education and the reduction of school dropout rates.