Welcome to Bolpur Manab Jamin

Bolpur Manab Jamin supports the underprivileged farmers living in the Bolpur-Sriniketan Block of Birbhum, West Bengal. We recognize increased food production as the first step to improve the wellbeing of these communities. To provide an alternative to the rain-irrigated rice monocropping predominant in the area, Bolpur Manab Jamin promotes sustainable agricultural practice with innovative crop and resource management systems. We supplement these projects with an array of initiatives to advance education, health, and awareness of government assistance schemes. Our mission: to foster sustainable development in rural communities, advocating a participatory approach in the implementation our programmes.


Mission of Bolpur Manab Jamin is to actively serve vulnerable communities specially women, girls, children, disables, senior citizens, indigenous people with encouraging innovations for developing collective and inclusive social change in West Bengal.


Bolpur Manab Jamin envisages a society where people cooperates, empathies, trusts and become sustainable to protect social, economical and cultural interest of every living being and environment.