Education Support

Bolpur Manab Jamin is committed to fundamentally improve the education level of the economically weaker students who are meritorious and have strong desire of learning. We always inspire the students in active learning.

From the commencement of Bolpur Manab Jamin we regularly organize this programme. This initiative is carried on with the help of Individual donors and our own fund. Around 500+ students have been supported from this programme. We have seen that along with school books the reference books notably differ in the students achievement. So alongside the academic books we provide reference books to the students so that they can acquire more knowledge regarding the subject.

Goals to reach:

  • Increase our ability to reach more and more students in need.
  • Organize training for students to give them understanding to manage their routine so that they can keep them on track and learning.
  • Organize boot camps for the students with the help of expertise to learn things which are need of the time.