Health & Nutrition

“Pandamic” is not a new word in the human dictionary. As earlier it has caused several complications not only in health but also economically and psychologically. After facing lots of difficulties and challenges daily Bolpur Manab Jamin have strive to help the community people towards a healthy environment. We have slowed a bit but not clogged doing our developmental works in this COVID-19 condition.

As we said previously, COVID-19 and its lockdown effects have hurt the Health, Economy and Psychology at the same time. Therefore, we had to work in all the three aspects to keep the cycle of life going.

Hence with the help of Rotary Club of Wiesbaden, Germany; Rotary Club of Bolpur Santiniketan, Shining Eyes e.V., St. Mary’s Child and Mother Health Care Centre we are continuously running our Project named Healthy Kids Project or Gesunde Kids Project for last 4 years. Currently it is running in 29 villages of Bolpur Sriniketan Block.

Goals to reach:

  • Imparting awareness and training to the mothers and the family about Health, Nutrition and Family Planning to all the families under the project.
  • 100% coverage of Kitchen Garden for nutritional benefit to all the beneficiaries under the project.
  • Conducting of Medical Health Check up in regular interval to cover 100% families under the project.