Who We Are

Bolpur Manab Jamin started its developmental work since 1998 but got registered on 16th November 2011. Bolpur Manab Jamin is located in a dry zone area that has laterite soil and Vindhya Alluvial soil. The area has mono cropping with rice, which is entirely rain fed. The project area is near Santiniketan; however, the area is underdeveloped and has a large population of landless farmers.

Bolpur Manab Jamin supports the underprivileged farmers living in the Bolpur-Sriniketan Block of Birbhum, West Bengal. We recognize increased food production as the first step to improve the wellbeing of these communities. To provide an alternative to the rain-irrigated rice monocropping predominant in the area, Bolpur Manab Jamin promotes sustainable agricultural practice with innovative crop and resource management systems. We supplement these projects with an array of initiatives to advance education, health, and awareness of government assistance schemes.

As a result of our continued intervention there are 3000+ FARMERS engaged in legumes cultivation, 500+ FARMERS have formed Farmers’ Club, 1000+ CHILDREN are being provided nutritious food and nearly 1000+ CHILDREN & MOTHER are getting health checkup facilities & medicine free of cost.

We had set different plan which are ambitious development goals and defines how BMJ can best contribute to fight the poverty. It focuses on empowering people, income generation, combating malnutrition so that they can participate in the decisions that affect them positively and search for new opportunities.

We are very optimistic in nature and we know with the help of different individual, Govt. Foreign Donor we can achieve the goals that we have set for the well-being and development of the down trodden communities.