Environmental Actions

Environment have given us so much that we cannot repay it our whole life. However, apparently we can try to bring back its condition by taking steps towards making a better environment.

Keeping that in mind we here in Bolpur Manab Jamin have formed Ecological Group or Eco Groups. These groups are mainly village-based which consists of students from Class VI to IX/X. The group meets once in a week with the staffs of BMJ and practice environmental awareness in a fun and collaborative setting. They immerse themselves in practical education that is absent in their current public school curricula with a variety of hands-on projects: village mapping, research into local resource consumption, and recycling waste materials into creative handicraft projects.

Goals to reach:

  • Build knowledge and capacity to meet climate change.
  • Give awareness to the villagers about the techniques to re-use and less use of underground water.
  • Continuously analyze and aware the people on energy saving processes.
  • Impart organized way of learning on waste recycling.