Sustainable Agriculture

To provide an alternative to the rain-irrigated rice mono-cropping predominant in the area, Bolpur Manab Jamin promotes sustainable agricultural practice with innovative crop and resource management systems.

Bolpur Manab Jamin’s work includes various innovations in the agricultural  process such as System of Rice Intensification (SRI), System of Mustard Intensification (SMI), Pulse Production cum Démonstration Programme, No Tillage, Relay and Mixed cropping as well as the addition of kitchen gardening, medicinal gardens, horticulture and organic agriculture to the agricultural cycle. It also works closely with Progressive Farmers, Farmers Clubs, SHGs and village-level institutions to make their activities as relevant and easily comprehensible, using the farmer’s own field.

We, also got the technical support of Agriculture Department; Govt. of West Bengal and Visva Bharati University for the training of the farmers regarding different types of cultivation.

Goals to reach:

  • 30% increase in production of Vegetables, Legumes by 2025
  • At least 30% increase in household income by 2025
  • Increase in Vegetables and Legumes consumption
  • Combat Malnutrition as always
  • Increase fertility of soil organically