Kitchen Garden

A kitchen garden is the garden you keep as close to your back door as possible where you grow all your vegetables, herbs, and fruit that you will eat fresh all year. The idea of having it as close to your back door as possible is that you will walk by it often and be continuously harvesting from it. This is one of the popular programme of Bolpur Manab Jamin where the children, pregnant mothers and other family members get benefitted.   The main thrust of this programme is to propagate the home stead Nutritional /kitchen garden which would be source of nutritional supply of the family as well as secondary source of earning the extra income. BMJ supplies seed and seedling three times in a year that is in Pre Kharif, Kharif and winter season. The women use only organic manure and homemade organic pesticides.

The production of vegetable enrich the diet of children and pregnant mothers. In some cases they earn some money by selling an excess part of the produce.

Goals to reach:

  • Engage more and more mothers in preparing kitchen garden other than direct beneficiaries within 2025.
  • Promoting the use of organic manure and pesticide in 100% villages within 2025.
  • Organize training for villagers who would nurture and propagate kitchen garden at their home stead area.